WWE Tough Enough episode 4 (July 14) results & recap

By Kenneth Nida for WrestlingObserver.com

Last week saw the contestants work on their characters, a fight between Patrick and Tanner, and Dianna leaving the show because she wanted to be with her fiancé. We also saw the elimination of Daria, who struggled to show off her character. This week will see King Barrett make an appearance, which will probably be just as brief as Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins.

Today’s episode opens up with Renee and Chris Jericho talking to the judges about last week’s elimination before running down the rules of the show. We then go to the barracks after the elimination. Chelsea Green, who was eliminated during the initial tryout camp, has been re-added to the competition since Dianna walked away. Amanda and Gabi get into an argument about Amanda’s boobs, which she announces were re-done six months ago, after Gabi says she confided in her that she had a problem with them.

The next day the competitors view a video of various WWE Superstars cutting promos, such as Hulk Hogan, Chris Jericho, and The Rock. King Barrett is introduced to the cast. He speaks to them briefly about the importance of promos and challenges each person to cut a promo declaring why the competitor will be the next King of the Ring. They only show 3-5 seconds of each person, and Barrett critiques several of them.

We then go to a local improv comedy club for the challenge. Chris Jericho introduces the challenge, which is pairing the competitors up to cut promos on each other. Patrick and Tanner are paired up, and Patrick takes out his frustrations about Tanner knowing nothing of wrestling, pointing out that MMA fighters not named Brock Lesnar don’t do too well in the WWE.

Chris Jericho tells Sara Lee that it pisses him off that she’s still in the competition. She just apologizes that he feels that way. You can tell Jericho is just trying to light a fire under her and get her to show some passion and challenge him, but she continues to be passive. He questions whether she has it in her to show some spark. Finally she declares that she does, and she’s going to show it. We go back to the judges, and Paige is not impressed, saying she should go home. Patrick ends up winning for the men, and Giorgia wins for the women. Josh confronts Patrick, saying he only won because he sucked up to the crowd. They get in each other’s faces before Josh throws a drink in Patrick’s face. The two have to be pulled apart. Mada comes off really poorly just yelling at Patrick, declaring he’s a monster while standing behind Josh. The two get into another shoving match before Patrick leaves.

All the remaining girls are together, and Gabi’s failures when it comes to the challenges are brought up. Tanner flirts with Chelsea. He mentions that Sara Lee turned him down, so he’s “On to the next one”. Which is strange, because I don’t think they ever showed Sara Lee turn him down. He ends up kissing her when she gives him a hug. We go back to the judges, who declare Tanner has no game.

The next challenge involves learning how to pick your opponent up for a bodyslam. Some of the girls have trust issues, so it’s hard for them to allow their partner’s to pick them up. Chelsea ends up winning for the girls, while Josh wins for the men. Sara Lee struggles with the challenge, and some of the other girls give her a little pep talk afterward to cheer her up.

They go through the contestants before the elimination and voting. The judges drill the competitors. Paige calls out Sara Lee for failing to step up, and failing at the second challenge. Paige gets into a shouting match with her after she fights back a bit. Hogan takes offense to Patrick saying the days of the big men ruling wrestling were over, saying Patrick is only coming off as a smart mark. The bottom 3 are chosen, with Paige choosing Sara Lee (again), Daniel Bryan choosing Gabi, and Hulk Hogan choosing Tanner. They give the competitors 30 seconds to cut a promo on the judge that chose them for the bottom 3. Sara Lee is the only one who truly cuts a promo on the judge, with Gabi practically just repeating her promo from earlier about wanting to be the first Brazilian Diva.

They speak to the other competitors about who they think should go home. Everyone chooses Gabi. Each judge declines to use their save. Sara Lee gets 63% of the vote, Tanner gets 26% of the vote, and Gabi is eliminated with 11% of the vote. Daniel Bryan has picked the person to go home every week now. They gave Sara Lee so many opportunities to open up and show some passion. She finally managed to do so when it meant the most, just before the voting began. Gabi says she’s glad she was eliminated, and says she hopes Sara Lee wins the competition.

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