WWE Network Marathons Announced, The Miz on Fans Still Booing Him

The following WWE Network marathons have been announced for this week:
– Table For 3, Season 4: Today from 2 – 6:30PM ET
– Mixed Match Challenge, Season 2: Tuesday from 6AM – 3:30PM ET
– Ride Along, Season 3: Tuesday from 11PM – 3AM ET
– Network Collections: Thursday from 6 – 10:30AM ET
– Photo Shoot: Thursday from 10:30AM – 2PM ET
– WWE 24: Thursday from 2 – 6PM ET
– Story Time, Season 3: Thursday from 7:30 – 9PM ET
– Total Bellas, Season 2: Thursday from 11PM – 5AM ET
– Network Original Specials: Friday from 6AM – 12PM ET
– 2018 Takeover Specials: Saturday from 6AM – 7:30PM ET
– 2018 WWE Pay-Per-View Events: Saturday from 9PM ET – Monday
WWE Superstar The Miz was asked about fans booing him during his recent Sporting News interview with Brian Fritz. The Miz was asked if he thought fans seeing a different, softer side of him on The “Miz & Mrs.” show would change how they feel about him.
“Eh, I think people are still going to boo me, to be honest. You know, as much as much as you like me on another show, you still get who the Miz is and what he’s all about,” the former WWE Champion said. “If you like him, you like them. If you don’t, you don’t. I’m just going to keep on doing what I do and that is entertain audiences.”

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