Video Of Kitten Sewer Rescue Is Why Twitter Loves NYC

BROOKLYN, NEW YORK — New York is a place where people from all different backgrounds can come together and accomplish otherwise insurmountable feats, and yes, we are talking about saving kittens from sewers.

A new video posted to Twitter Thursday shows a group of men in what appears to be Bay Ridge working to rescue a kitten who’d been stuck in a sewer for nearly two days, posters from NYC Scanner wrote.

The men work together to MacGyver a harness to capture the small stranded cat, then one man climbs down into a manhole filled with water to pull the cat to safety.

The men roar in celebration when the kitten is finally rescued, one coos and another shouts, “Hey, kitty kitty!”

“He needs to eat something, give him a schnitzi” another man says, possible referring to a Borough Park schnitzel bar with the same name. “A nice schnitzi sandwich.”

Responses have poured in since the video was posted from New Yorkers who say the video represents everything they love about the city.

“Spread love,” tweeted Samuel Okanta. “It’s the Brooklyn way.”

“All diverse people coming together to save a defenseless animal,” wrote @romanticpretty. “You have all restored my faith in this city and world.”

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Added @theVictorGallo, “Every once in a while this town still has the capacity to charm me.”

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