Valerio Vermiglio: Mission completed

"We strongly wanted this qualification" – said the captain of the Italian team, Valerio Vermiglio, after the second match against Serbia.



The Italians, led by Andrea Anastasi, in a famous Hala Pionir in Serbia gained a ticket to Argentina. There, with five other teams, they will play in the Final of this year’s World League. In this event they had not been seen for good seven years. "Azzurri" won the first match against Serbia 3-1, in the second they needed to get only 50 points in order to get the pole position in the group and become one of six the best teams in World League 2010. The match ended with tie-break won by the Serbs.

"We strongly wanted this qualification – said after the second match the captain of the Italian team, Valerio Vermiglio – and we were able to win it very quickly, in the first two sets. Then we relaxed a little, what let Serbs to come back playing and, eventually, they won tie-break. I am really happy. We gained a qualification to World League’s Final Six after many years of Italy’s absence in this stage of tournament. I wish that in Argentina we were able to achieve something big, showing that the participation in the Final means a lot for us."


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