Update on Kevin Owens’ Injury, Former WCW Champ Calls Out CM Punk

Raw Superstar Kevin Owens has missed a couple of months from the ring due to an injury. He has been recovering nicely and WWE even aired vignettes hyping up his return for a few weeks. However, he and his tag team partner Sami Zayn were notably absent from the Royal Rumble match this past weekend. Both Owens and Zayn have been injured for a while and most fans assumed that the Rumble match would have been the ideal place for the duo to make their returns. Some have even questioned if they will be ready to go in time for WrestleMania 35 this April. Fortunately, a new update on the status of Kevin Owens’ in-ring comeback has just been provided courtesy of the former Universal Champion himself.
Kevin Owens posted a brief update on the training that he has been undergoing in preparation for his return to wrestling. Owens says that he actually just had his first match in months against his former Ring of Honor rival and current NXT Superstar Adam Cole. Now that the former NXT Champion is back to competing in the ring again, this hopefully means that his return to WWE television isn’t too far off. Online photos have shown that Owens has lost a significant amount of weight since he’s been out injured, and he has clearly been putting in the work to return to Raw. Meanwhile, there are no additional updates on Sami Zayn’s recovery. Expect to at least see Kevin Owens featured in WWE storylines once again very soon.

I just wrestled @AdamColePro for the first time in 4 and a half years. There was exactly one spectator.
He gave it 51.25 stars. ???????
— Soon…ish (@FightOwensFight) February 1, 2019

He’s been retired from wrestling since 2014, but there are still plenty of people in the wrestling business who want a piece of CM Punk. The former WWE Superstar and current UFC competitor was called out once again this week on social media by a former champion in WCW. Former World Heavyweight Champion and actor David Arquette just spoke with TMZ not too long ago when he stated that he wanted to face Punk. Arquette noted that it did not even matter to him if it was a wrestling match as he would even accept a fight in the octagon with Punk. The likelihood of a battle between these two former world champions doesn’t seem to high at the moment, but it would certainly be an intriguing one to watch someday.

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