Royal Wedding bishop Michael Curry warns against ‘dangerous crisis of moral and political leadership’ in Washington

The American bishop who stole the show at the royal wedding has told The Telegraph he will continue to pray for the couple as he joined a protest against Donald Trump’s America First policy.

Asked if he had a message for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex a week into their marriage the Most Rev Michael Curry said he wanted them to "just know that we’re praying for them, and God bless them."

Rev Curry, 65, spoke as he led a 1,000-strong crowd in a candlelit, night-time procession from a Washington church to the gates of the White House.

There, he and other religious leaders read out statements, including denouncing Mr Trump’s America First policy as a "theological heresy for followers of Christ," and declaring that there was a "dangerous crisis of moral and political leadership at the highest levels of our government".

Asked if he thought Mr Trump, inside the White House a stone’s throw away, could hear him the bishop told The Telegraph: "I don’t know, but we pray for him…and God heard us.

"We hope the message of love of God, and love of neighbour, was the message that was heard here tonight."

Bishop Michael Curry with the "Reclaiming Jesus Declaration" waits to speak during a vigil outside the White House May 24, 2018 in Washington, DCCredit:
Brendan Smialowski/AFP

Comparing political divisions in America to a marriage, he added: "Anybody who’s ever been married knows a husband and wife, a couple, whoever they are, they are going to have differences.

"But if we love each other you can navigate your differences. I believe that is true for all of us. I really do."

In words reminiscent of his stunning sermon in Windsor, he added: "Love is the way. It is the only way. We love each other as children of God, as brothers and sisters. We will always have differences, but we will work it out."

Asked if he had talked to the royal couple about Mr Trump, he said: "Oh Lord no, no, we were there for their wedding."

He added: "They, and everyone else (in the UK) have been very gracious, and very kind, they really have."

The bishop said he was keen to make another visit, adding: "Absolutely. I just don’t know when. I love the UK."

"She starts pointing in the direction of God as the source of love and the key to life. I believe the love of God, and love of neighbour, is the key to life. It’s the secret. That’s what God wants us to do, and if we do it we’ll find ourselves in a better world."

The Most Rev Michael Curry, right, takes part in a candlelight vigil outside the White HouseCredit:
Andrew Harnik/AP

Explaining why he was protesting outside the White House the bishop said: "I’m not here to criticise anybody. I’m not here to point any fingers. I’m here to appeal to the better angels of our nature, that if we love God and each other, for real, we will find our way together as a nation, and as a world.

"We will overcome our differences and find solutions to our common problems."

Earlier, during a service at the church, he told the congregation: "We are not a partisan group, we are not a left-wing group, we are not a right-wing group, we are a Jesus movement, that’s who we are.

"We pray together, Republicans, Independents, and Democrats, conservatives, liberals and whoever’s in the middle. Love your Republican neighbour, your Democrat neighbour, your black neighbour, your white neighbour."

In an interview with CNN before the service Rev Curry expressed fears over divisions in America.

He said: "It’s like somebody woke up Jim Crow and said let’s not just segregate Americans over race, let’s separate people along religious and political and class lines, too."

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