NXT ambassador Bayley talks June U.K. Tour, wants to take NXT to more int’l locations, not asked about main roster


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Former NXT Women’s champion Bayley is in the interesting position of being firmly entrenched in the NXT brand, but deserving of a main roster WWE call-up.

As the NXT brand continues to change over time from being the “minor leagues” to its own tour, Bayley and Finn Balor have become important parts of the NXT business model as two of the top draws for live events and merchandising.

Along those lines, Bayley took part in a U.K. media conference call promoting NXT’s June U.K. tour partnering with the Download Festival. FemaleFirst published a transcript of the conference call, where Bayley was not even asked about a potential main roster call-up.

Bayley was asked hypothetical questions about who she would want to wrestle from the main roster, but the focus was on NXT and not the future destination of a main roster call-up.

Included was Bayley pounding the table for NXT to visit more international locations, such as Mexico or Japan.

“Man, I kinda wanna go everywhere! I would really like to go to Mexico. I’d one day like to go to Japan, one day go to Australia, but I think I really wanna go to Mexico. I kinda started watching wrestling through Lucha Libre because my grandmother was always watching Lucha Libre. I think it’d be so cool to bring NXT over there, I know how crazy and passionate those fans are. I don’t know if that’s ever been in the talks but I think that’d be really cool,” Bayley said in an ambassador-like role for NXT.

“And, just to have as a whole monthly pay-per-views and be able to take our pay-per-views like we did to London and like we just did to Dallas. I think it would be cool to be able to expand our pay-per-views and be able to do more stuff like we did in London, but everywhere.”

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