NJPW's YOSHI-HASHI and YOH out of action due to knee injuries

Two NJPW wrestlers are currently out of action with knee injuries.

NJPW announced tonight that YOSHI-HASHI and YOH both suffered knee injuries in recent matches. YOSHI-HASHI’s injury is to his right knee, while YOH’s is to his left knee.

YOSHI-HASHI and YOH won’t be able to wrestle at the New Japan Cup finals on Saturday, July 11 or Dominion on Sunday, July 12 due to their injuries. NJPW wrote that there’s no current timetable for when either will be able to return.

YOSHI-HASHI’s injury appeared to happen when he┬ádefeated BUSHI in the second round of the New Japan Cup. YOSHI-HASHI still wrestled against EVIL in the quarterfinals, but his injury was worked into the story of the match. It was only two minutes long and ended in a referee stoppage as EVIL had YOSHI-HASHI locked in a Scorpion Deathlock. EVIL attacked YOSHI-HASHI’s knee with a chair before the bell rang and then attacked him again after the match.

YOH hasn’t wrestled since losing to BUSHI in the first round of the New Japan Cup. SHO & YOH are the current IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Champions.


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