More on Io Shirai Coming To WWE, Shirai Not Friends With Asuka

The main reason Io Shirai has decided to leave Stardom for WWE is simply because WWE is the place to be and she likely wants to duplicate Asuka’s success. From a financial standpoint, Shirai is going to be losing a lot of money as her salary in WWE will not only be less than in Stardom, but she will lose a lot of money in merchandise.
In Stardom, Shirai basically got to keep all the money she made on her merchandise, which was reportedly to be a huge amount. In WWE, as with all the other talent, she will only get to keep a specific percentage of cut from it.
In an interesting bit of backstage dynamics, Io Shirai and Asuka are reportedly not friends according to a recent edition of the Wrestling Observer Radio Program. Dave Meltzer stated that although the two wrestled in a tag team years back, they are not friends but that doesn’t mean that they are going to be fighting with each other backstage or anything of that sort.

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