Dream team of the World League Finals according to Volleycountry.com

The World League Final 6 tournament came to an end. Poland has lifted the trophy and the best players have gained individual awards, however, several prizes have been awarded highly controversially. What is our dream team?




Setter: Lukasz Zygadlo (Poland)

Lukasz Zygado was the best player among those who have guided their teams play. Perhaps, he was not perfect during in the first two matches of the tournament, but in the final, it was totally compensated. The new player of Fakel Urengoy played almost immaculately. Numerous ‘pipes’ (a attack from the middle of second line) totally confused opponents and either Michal Winiarski or Bartosz Kurek were free to do effective and efficient attacks.

Obviously, I do not mind Georgi Bratoev who was chosen the best setter by the FIVB officials, but he need to study a lot to be at the forefront of the world setter. What is more, some people said that he was the worst player among all setters in this competition because he made plenty of mistakes and during the match against Poland he was read like ‘a wide-open book’.

Opposite: Rolando Cepeda (Cuba)

He captivated me with his attitude during the bronze medal match against Bulgaria. He was playing very good in spite of being almost ‘alone’ because another Cuban hammer – Wilfredo Leon – twisted his ankle. Moreover, he shoved very high level in the game with Brazil when he finish vital balls.

Wing-spikers: Bartosz Kurek and Matthew Anderson

Bartosz Kurek (Poland)

He was rightly selected as the most valuable player of the World League Finals. The player was peremptorily key to win the competition by Poland. Having finished counters. The very final was outstanding by his side and he proved his value. Kurek was named ‘Mario Balotelli’ of the worldwide volleyball by Italian journalist. However, he is not the same characterological type like the mentioned soccer player. Bartosz is hard-working, responsible and for sure he would not light the fireworks in his bathroom.

Matthew Anderson (USA)

Matt was playing very well till the final where he disappointed. Before, he had been extremely efficient in attack and Anderson had been the main gun in the U.S national team. More of counters were finished by him and the silver medal is the result of a good game the whole team, but Anderson worked the most.

Middle-blockers: Piotr Nowakowski and Marcus Bohme

Piotr Nowakowski (Poland)

No doubt, Nowakowski is one of the best middle-blockers in the word. His spikes are usually unstoppable due to skyrocketing reach in attack what he has. World League statistics are absolute what confirms his skills: 25 points in attack (25/32 – 78%), 8 points in block and 4 points on the serve.

Marcus Bohme (Germany)

Despite the fact he played only two matches during World League Finals, Bohme shoved great disposition scoring 10 points in block, 17 in attack where he gained 58% efficiency. Moreover, Bohme was one of few middle-blockers who was threatening his opponents by the serve.

Libero: Krzysztof Iganaczak (Poland)

The older, the better. In the past, he was defiant, but now he changed his lifestyle on the court and he play better and better. Ignaczak started quite poor in the Final 6, but in the semi-final and final he was brilliant winning two individual classifications – the best digger and the best libero.

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