CMLL Homenaje a Dos Leyendas results: Mask match main event


The oldest promotion still in existence honored their tradition and two legends on Friday night at the cathedral of lucha libre in Mexico City.

Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre presented Homenaje a Dos Leyendas in Arena Mexico, headlined by a mask match and highlighted by an exciting undercard.

Pierroth lost his mask to Diamante Azul in the main event on a card where fans also threw money at the ring in appreciation of a title match where Matt Taven challenged Ultimo Guerrero.

Homenaje a Dos Leyendas this year honored both Salvador Lutteroth and Villano III. Lutteroth is honored annually as the founder of the promotion that became CMLL. Villano III is a second generation luchador from the famed Mendoza family.

Those moments displayed the history of CMLL and Arena Mexico. Likewise, trios matches throughout the CMLL spectacular showcased the best of what present day lucha libre can offer.

Though the artform is not without very high risks, as evidenced by an ugly moment during the opening match. In a scary scene, luchadora Estrellita lost her footing on a high risk move and landed very badly on the floor. She was carried away from ringside on a stretcher.

Estrellita, Marcela & Princesa Sugehit defeated Amapola, Zeuxis & Tiffany

Zeuxis wore a mask honoring trainer Negro Navarro. She also targeted Sugehit throughout the match and ripped at her mask at one point, which played into the finish.

The tecnicas took the opening fall. Estrellita pinned Amapola with a bridging cradle and Marcela pinned Tiffany after a double foot stomp off the top rope.

The rudas got their heat back quickly into the second fall. Tiffany pinned Marcela, then also pinned Estrellita after giving each different sit-out bombs.

The tecnicas were making a comeback in the third fall when Estrellita suffered her injury. She went to springboard on the ropes. While her left foot reached the top rope, she missteped with her right leg and lost her footing. She crashed to the floor and immediately needed medical attention.

Zeuxis and Sugehit went straight to the finish in the ring. Sugehit tried to unmask Zeuxis as a receipt for her mask being ripped earlier in the match. Zeuxis suddenly unmasked Sugehit rendering a disqualification, costing the rudas the match and awarding the tecnicas the deciding third fall.

Dragon Lee, Titan & Stuka Jr. defeated Gran Guerrero, Niebla Roja & Euforia

The rudos took the first fall when team captain Euforia powerbombed and pinned tecnico team captain Dragon Lee. The rudos triple-teamed Lee when the next fall was underway.

Tecnicos made a comeback in the second fall with Titan doing a tilt-a-whirl transition into a modified crucifix for a pin on Roja. With Gran Guerrero hooked in the tree-of-woe, Dragon Lee leapt off the ropes into a double foot stomp to also pin Guerrero.

The third fall led to lots of spectacular high flying before ending with the rudo captain being pinned. Stuka hit a torpedo splash on Euforia for the pin to finish an exciting match.

Rush, La Mascara & Kraneo defeated Caristico, Atlantis & Marco Corleone

A brawl erupted at the outset with the rudos on a rampage en route to taking the first fall. Rush dropkicked Caristico, the tecnico team captain, as he lay in a corner and La Mascara pinned him.

Los Ingobernables continued to dominate as the second fall began. Rush tore at Atlantis’ mask. The rudos began to gloat, allowing Atlantis to rally.

The age-defying Atlantis did a tope suicida through the ropes to the floor during his comeback, then did another later on. His legend only grows greater.

Corleone pressed a mini overhead and slammed him on Kraneo after the mini kept interfering. The tecnicos were running wild when Corleone ran down the ramp and cleared the ropes, leaping into a crossbody on Rush.

Rush rolled through on the crossbody and covered Corleone. La Mascara held Corleone’s foot to keep him from kicking out as Rush draped his own feet on the bottom rope to score an underhanded pinfall.

Caristico was also counted out of the ring as Los Ingobernables won in two straight falls.

NWA World Historic Middleweight Champion Ultimo Guerrero defeated Matt Taven to retain his title

Taven was the heel antagonist, so Guerrero became the protagonist despite him typically being a rudo. Guerrero even played babyface-in-peril in the first fall.

Gaining an early advantage, Taven acted arrogant as he worked over the champion until Guerrero suddenly fired up.

Guerrero trapped Taven in a wacky submission hold that included a grapevine, a cobra twist, and lots of practice. Tied in a knot, Taven tapped out and the champion gained the first fall.

Taven started stalling and begging off at the start of the next fall. He then rushed in with a flurry. Taven hit a disaster kick, followed by a lionsault, and pinned Guerrero in a short second fall.

For a near fall as the third fall began, Taven went for another lionsault and Guerrero got his knees up. With Taven reeling, Guerrero did his signature leap over the barricade and raised the roof.

Doing another signature spot, Guerrero did a delayed handspring into a bronco buster. He went for another attempt only for Taven to counter. Taven applied a scorpion deathlock and Guerrero got a rope break.

They traded near falls in the closing moments. Guerrero hoisted Taven for a super gourdbuster and Taven kicked out. Guerrero kicked out after a frog splash from Taven. Guerrero blocked a frankensteiner and powerbombed Taven off the top rope for another two count.

Taven went to climb the ropes. Guerrero cut him off to set up an inverted superplex that led to Guerrero pinning Taven to retain his title.

So pleased with the great performance, fans in the crowd threw money at the ring afterwards. Taven later tweeted about his appreciation for the gesture.

CMLL World Trios Champions Mistico, Volador Jr. & El Valiente defeated Mephisto, Luciferno & Hechicero to retain their titles

The champions, Sky Team, all wore matching camouflage in solidarity.

The rudos quickly dispatched Sky Team in the first fall. Luciferno pinned Volador with a Styles Clash and Mephisto pinned Valiente after a double-underhook gourdbuster.

The rudos continued the onslaught into the second fall, but the champions rallied into a comeback. Team captain Mistico used La Mistica to submit rival captain Mephisto, giving Sky Team the fall.

The third fall opened with a parade of dives. Soon thereafter, the rudos shifted the momentum. Hechicero cleaned house like a boss and became involved in a five-person tower of doom spot.

After more breathtaking spectacle from the flyers, Hechicero took part in a another series of near falls and high spots with Sky Team. Doing a triple submission, Sky Team thought they won. The referee told them no.

The momentary distraction allowed the rudos to capitalize. Mephisto had Volador pinned and Sky Team looked doomed. However, Valiente swooped in to execute a tombstone codebreaker and pin Luciferno for Sky Team to retain their titles.

A ceremony in the ring honored Villano III. Family surrounded him as he received a plaque and gave a short speech. Before leaving, Villano III removed his mask, waved to the crowd, and wiped away tears.

Diamante Azul defeated Pierroth in a mask match

Los Ingobernables walked out with Pierroth. Rush was the second and interfered liberally. The others were lurking, ready to possibly also interfere. On the other side, Maximo was the second for Azul.

Pierroth blindsided Azul at the start, overwhelming him very quickly and using a senton in taking the first fall via pin.

Rush interfered and attacked Azul. Pierroth continued to pummel him before ripping off his opponent’s mask, thus getting disqualified and giving the second fall to Azul.

The final fall opened with a hope spot as Azul fired up and wiped out Rush with a dive through the ropes. Pierroth soon cut short Azul’s comeback, yet Azul still managed to get Pierroth in a pinning predicament.

Rush got on the apron to cause a distraction. Azul and Pierroth fought on. Taking a running start on the ramp, Azul launched into a wild somersault senton. He also dove off the top rope to the floor with a plancha.

The match began to drag. Rush interfered again by tripping Azul. Maximo confronted Rush as Marco Corleone and El Terrible rushed to ringside to help force Los Ingobernables away from the ring.

As Los Ingobernables were ejected, Azul gave Pierroth a German suplex. Azul held the bridge for a three count to win the match.

Pierroth unmasked as Arturo Munoz, a luchador for 26 years. He cut a promo, attacked Azul, then unmasked him. Azul grabbed Pierroth’s mask and put it on before he and Pierroth had a pull-apart brawl.

Pierroth left the scene with Los Ingobernables.

Azul switched masks again and held the of mask of Pierroth overhead like a trophy.

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