CEV: Huge change in international transfers!

European volleyball federation set up new principles which determine the maximum amounts to be paid as pure administrative fees to National Federations in order to obtain an international transfer certificate (ITC).

This applies only and exclusively to transfers involving European volleyball players moving to one of the 55 National Federations affiliated to the CEV.

The European Volleyball Confederation would like to inform all parties (players, clubs and National Federations) that this rule is not retroactive and therefore the provisions listed above will be applied starting from next June 24, 2011.

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The amounts determined by the CEV are to be seen as a maximum fee to be paid to the Federation of Origin and the Receiving Federation respectively; as they are involved in international transfers of their players, the National Federations may determine different amounts to be paid but always without exceeding the threshold defined by the CEV.

I would say this new rules could create mess in transfers fees in some federations and among clubs and players. Every federation has its own rules… There are European volleyball federations where you pay very little transfer fee, on the other side there are countries like Italy – in Italy player has to pay 10 000 euro if he want to play abroad.

More information’s here:
 Classification of national federations affiliated to CEV
 CEV administrative fees for transfers

source: CEV

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