2017 UNI Open

2017 UNI Open results. December 9th at Cedar Falls, Iowa.

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Open – 125
1st Place – Spencer Lee of University of Iowa
2nd Place – Skyler Petry of Minnesota
3rd Place – Aaron Assad of Missouri
4th Place – Johnny Jimenez of Wisconsin Unattached
5th Place – Dack Punke of Missouri
6th Place – Tanner Rohweder of Northern Iowa
1st: Spencer Lee (University of Iowa) won by fall over Skyler Petry (Minnesota) (Fall 2:53)
3rd: Aaron Assad (Missouri) won by major decision over Johnny Jimenez (Wisconsin Unattached) (Maj 10-1)
5th: Dack Punke (Missouri) won by major decision over Tanner Rohweder (Northern Iowa) (Maj 10-2)
Open – 133
1st Place – Markus Simmons of Iowa State Wrestling
2nd Place – Rudy Yates of Northern Iowa
3rd Place – Paul Konrath of Wisconsin
4th Place – Abdullah Assaf of Illinois
5th Place – Rylee Molitor of South Dakota St.
6th Place – Jack Wagner of Northern Iowa
1st: Markus Simmons (Iowa State Wrestling) won by decision over Rudy Yates (Northern Iowa) (Dec 6-4)
3rd: Paul Konrath (Wisconsin) won by decision over Abdullah Assaf (Illinois) (Dec 7-3)
5th: Rylee Molitor (South Dakota St.) won by medical forfeit over Jack Wagner (Northern Iowa) (MFF)
Open – 141
1st Place – Cole Martin of Wisconsin
2nd Place – Parker Filius of Purdue-unattached
3rd Place – Max Murin of University of Iowa
4th Place – Allan Hart of Missouri
5th Place – Colby Smith of Missouri
6th Place – Aaron Meyer of University of Iowa
1st: Cole Martin (Wisconsin) won by decision over Parker Filius (Purdue-unattached) (Dec 5-1)
3rd: Max Murin (University of Iowa) won by decision over Allan Hart (Missouri) (Dec 3-1)
5th: Colby Smith (Missouri) won by forfeit over Aaron Meyer (University of Iowa) (FF)
Open – 149
1st Place – Steve Bleise of Minnesota
2nd Place – Dante Rodriguez of Iowa State Wrestling
3rd Place – Brandon Murray of Iowa Central CC
4th Place – Jake Bergeland of Minnesota
5th Place – Gavin Dewitt of Iowa State Wrestling
6th Place – Alex Butler of Missouri
1st: Steve Bleise (Minnesota) won by decision over Dante Rodriguez (Iowa State Wrestling) (Dec 11-8)
3rd: Brandon Murray (Iowa Central CC) won by decision over Jake Bergeland (Minnesota) (Dec 18-12)
5th: Gavin Dewitt (Iowa State Wrestling) won by forfeit over Alex Butler (Missouri) (FF)
Open – 157
1st Place – Markus Scheidel of Columbia (Unattached)
2nd Place – Logan Ryan of Northern Iowa
3rd Place – Paden Moore of Northern Iowa
4th Place – Keegan Shaw of University of Iowa
5th Place – Luke Fortuna of Missouri
6th Place – Danny Reed of Columbia (Unattached)
1st: Markus Scheidel (Columbia (Unattached)) won by decision over Logan Ryan (Northern Iowa) (Dec 6-2)
3rd: Paden Moore (Northern Iowa) won by decision over Keegan Shaw (University of Iowa) (Dec 7-3)
5th: Luke Fortuna (Missouri) won by forfeit over Danny Reed (Columbia (Unattached)) (FF)
Open – 165
1st Place – Bryce Steiert of Northern Iowa
2nd Place – Isaiah Patton of Northern Iowa
3rd Place – Jeremiah Moody of University of Iowa
4th Place – Daniel Kelly of Northern Iowa
5th Place – Logan McQuillen of University of Iowa
6th Place – Colin Carr of Minnesota
1st: Bryce Steiert (Northern Iowa) won by tech fall over Isaiah Patton (Northern Iowa) (TF 16-0)
3rd: Jeremiah Moody (University of Iowa) won by decision over Daniel Kelly (Northern Iowa) (Dec 8-6)
5th: Logan McQuillen (University of Iowa) won by decision over Colin Carr (Minnesota) (Dec 8-3)
Open – 174
1st Place – Marcus Coleman of Iowa State Unattached
2nd Place – Danny Bush of Iowa State Unattached
3rd Place – Colton Clingenpeel of North Dakota State
4th Place – Brady Vogel of Iowa Central CC
5th Place – Jacob Covaciu of Wisconsin
6th Place – Jesse Shearer of North Dakota State
1st: Marcus Coleman (Iowa State Unattached) won by decision over Danny Bush (Iowa State Unattached) (Dec 2-1)
3rd: Colton Clingenpeel (North Dakota State) won by decision over Brady Vogel (Iowa Central CC) (Dec 9-6)
5th: Jacob Covaciu (Wisconsin) won by decision over Jesse Shearer (North Dakota State) (Dec 4-2)
Open – 184
1st Place – Jacob Raschka of Missouri
2nd Place – Myles Wilson of University of Iowa
3rd Place – Dylan Anderson of Minnesota
4th Place – Samuel Grove of South Dakota St.
5th Place – Jonathan Morales of Purdue
6th Place – Matt Striegel of Missouri
1st: Jacob Raschka (Missouri) won by decision over Myles Wilson (University of Iowa) (Dec 5-3)
3rd: Dylan Anderson (Minnesota) won by decision over Samuel Grove (South Dakota St.) (Dec 6-3)
5th: Jonathan Morales (Purdue) won by decision over Matt Striegel (Missouri) (Dec 8-7)
Open – 197
1st Place – Forfeit Forfeit of Unattached
2nd Place – Jacob Boyd of Oklahoma-Unattached
2nd Place – Jakob Woodley of Oklahoma-Unattached
3rd Place – Jacob Warner of University of Iowa
4th Place – Connor Corbin of University of Iowa
5th Place – Matthew Wroblewski of Illinois – Unattached
6th Place – Joe Teague of Iowa State Wrestling
1st: Jacob Boyd (Oklahoma-Unattached) and Jakob Woodley (Oklahoma-Unattached) (DFF)
3rd: Jacob Warner (University of Iowa) won by decision over Connor Corbin (University of Iowa) (Dec 10-3)
5th: Matthew Wroblewski (Illinois – Unattached) won by major decision over Joe Teague (Iowa State Wrestling) (Maj 12-2)
Open – 285
1st Place – Gannon Gremmel of Iowa State Wrestling
2nd Place – Trent Hillger of Wisconsin Unattached
3rd Place – Carter Isley of Northern Iowa
4th Place – Aaron Costello of University of Iowa
5th Place – Kevin Vough of South Dakota St.
6th Place – Rodrigo Diaz of Missouri
1st: Gannon Gremmel (Iowa State Wrestling) won by decision over Trent Hillger (Wisconsin Unattached) (Dec 4-2)
3rd: Carter Isley (Northern Iowa) won in tie breaker – 1 over Aaron Costello (University of Iowa) (TB-1 3-2)
5th: Kevin Vough (South Dakota St.) won by fall over Rodrigo Diaz (Missouri) (Fall 1:58)

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