Mom Straps Baby To Chest While Waiting Tables In NC Snowstorm

GREENSBORO, NC — Snowstorms like the one that walloped North Carolina last weekend, dumping about a foot of snow on Greensboro and then covering it with an icy glaze, don’t happen that often, but when they do, it brings out the best in people. For 22-year-old mom Tate Edwards, “the best” meant strapping her infant daughter to her chest and waiting on customers at M’Coul’s Public House so members of the restaurant wait staff could stay off the treacherous roads.

Her boyfriend, Patrick Roby, is the general manager at the restaurant. When owner Simonne Ritchy McClinton worried her employees might not be able to make it in to work, Edwards and Roby, the parents of nearly 5-month-old Eleanor, volunteered to work their shifts.

As Roby worked behind the bar, Edwards and little Eleanor waited tables. Ritchy McClinton offered to take the family home, but they declined.

“We absolutely did not have to be there. No one forced us to come in, and we could have gone home whenever we were all ready. Really whenever Eleanor was ready,” Edwards told Yahoo Lifestyle, explaining the couple’s lives now revolve around their baby’s schedule.

“We are definitely on baby time now,” she said. “We pretty much do everything as a family now.”

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As the pre-winter storm raged, baby Eleanor melted hearts — including some around the world, thanks to a video posted by television station WFMY of the mother-and-daughter duo waiting tables.

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Everyone pitched in to help, with Ritchy McClinton and her daughter taking turns entertaining Eleanor. The baby even has a dedicated place to play in the restaurant owner’s office, complete with toys.

“She spends a lot of time with Eleanor, and her daughter helps out too, whenever she’s not in school,” Edwards told Yahoo. “Bringing her along with us wasn’t a difficult decision.”

Here’s the video posted by WFMY:

And here are some photos of Eleanor enjoying the snow:

Lead photo: A driver in a small car follows three snow plows down a major road in Greensboro on Sunday, Dec. 9. A massive storm brought snow, sleet, and freezing rain across a wide swath of the South on Sunday, causing dangerously icy roads, immobilizing snowfalls and power losses to hundreds of thousands of people.(AP Photo/Chuck Burton)

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