Coin-Flipping Cops Fired From Roswell Police Department

ROSWELL, GA — The city of Roswell has fired two cops who used a coin-flipping app on a smartphone to determine whether to arrest a motorist who was pulled over for a traffic violation earlier this year.

City spokesperson Julie Brechbill confirmed to Patch that officers Courtney Brown and Kristee Wilson have had their employment terminated with Roswell as a result of an internal investigation initiated by the city.

That internal investigation began earlier this month after WXIA-TV aired a report that showed both officers using the app on one of the cop’s cell phone to decide if they would arrest or cite a woman after she was pulled over for speeding on Crossville Road/Ga. 92 on April 7.

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The charges against that motorist were eventually dismissed and after the report aired, Chief Rusty Grant announced he’d placed both women on administrative leave pending the internal review.

In their respective termination letters dated July 26, Grant said he sustained the allegations made against both cops that they violated two Roswell Police Department policies — conduct unbecoming of an officer and duty regarding conduct — and two city policies for failing to perform at an acceptable level and engaging in acts that reflect unfavorably on Roswell.

Both Wilson and Brown will have an opportunity to appeal the termination by notifying the city’s director of human resources within five calendar days of receiving their letters. Waiting any longer than that will result in a waiver of their appeal rights.


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