Fugitive Surrenders After Cops Cater To Costume Request

KANKAKEE, IL — A wanted man agreed to turn himself in to police Wednesday on one condition — they make his mugshot suitably festive for Halloween. It happened after the Kankakee County sheriff featured Brandon Conti on one of its “Warrant Wednesday” posts on Facebook.

Conti, who was wanted on a warrant for driving under the influence, commented on the post, writing, “I’m appalled. Where’s my costume?”

Police complied with his request, editing his photo so Conti was now decked out in a “Stranger Things” Scoops Ahoy costume, and telling him to “sail” himself into the police station to hold up his end of the bargain.

A pleased Conti agreed.

The sheriff’s office later edited the “Warrant Wednesday” post to note Conti held up his end of the deal, ending the exchange with the hashtag “Ahoy.”

“I can’t believe he actually did that,” one resident commented. “Easily the best Warrant Wednesday ever,” another said.

Someone asked if Conti really turned himself in. “Sure did I’m a free man now,” the no-longer wanted man replied.

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