Tough Korea choices

Tough Korea choices

The EU’s ambassador to South Korea seems well-equipped for a crisis.

Interest in North Korea is growing, but the European Union does not have a delegation in Pyongyang. Nor are there many ambassadors from EU member states in North Korea (just seven, from Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, Romania, Sweden and the UK). 

However, the EU’s ambassador to South Korea seems well-equipped for a crisis. Tomasz Kozlowski’s career in the Polish diplomatic service took him as ambassador to another renegade nuclear state, Pakistan, and to the top of the Polish foreign ministry’s Asia and Pacific department. In EU service, he was briefly a deputy director-general in the European Commission with responsibility for security policy, and a principal adviser on Asian affairs for the EU’s previous foreign policy chief, Javier Solana.

He also has educational credentials that should carry a lot of weight with a communist country: he graduated from the elite Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO). According to the EEAS, he is part of the “core team” shaping the EU’s response. Entre Nous would sleep more soundly if all optional uses of the word “core” were banned when dealing with North or South Korea and nuclear reactors.

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