Mumbai Motorman ‘Hero’ Slows Down Busy Train, Saves The Life Of A Stray Dog On Railway Track

Contrary to a speeding train crushing through at least 59 people who were standing on the tracks witnessing Dussehra celebrations in Amritsar, a train in Mumbai slowed down to save the life of a dog on the railway track.

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A local train at Mulund station almost came to a halt as an adamant dog refused to leave the railway tracks. According to Times of India, the dog accidentally jumped off the platform during peak hour on platform number 2 of the station.

As per a Twitter video that has gone viral, heroic Motorman G.S Bisht saw the dog roaming near the tracks and stopped the train at the eleventh hour just before it entered the station. The dog refused to budge but after repeated honking and moving the train slowly forward, the dog could be seen running away from the train’s path. People were quick to laud motorman’s humanitarian gesture.

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